the Angel of the Apocalypse

An elegant, abstracted bird rising from the ground, a sculpture of transformation and re-birth.


The elegant lines of the Angel are made from stainless and mild steel, driftwood and fuel.  In her first incarnation the body was made with driftwood and burned away in a fiery show of destruction.

The body was recreated in mild steel in 2010, and includes welcoming spaces for seating, climbing, and button pushing. The Angel’s head burns wood in a passive fire; her wings are alive with participant activated flames.  The warm, bright enclosure is an inviting environment, celebrating rebirth, life and community.

Participants move around and between the flaming feathers, and climb on and under the metal body like a big jungle gym. At the Angel’s heart hangs a bell, a tribute to artist, activist, and friend of FLG Tom Kennedy.


There are 16 participant activated poofer effects on the Angel.


60′ x 30′ footprint.


Robodock, Amsterdam, 2012
Toronto, Canada, 2010
Burning Man, Black Rock City NV, 2005