Mutopia is a fiery beast of a sculpture, telling the story of the evolution of seedpod like creatures


Eleven pods are laid out in the golden spiral, a ratio found throughout art and nature, each connected to the one prior by twisting steel roots.

In the middle of the spiral, the largest, oldest pods gather. The most mature, they are topped with fantastic blooms that shoot multicolored streams of fire high into the air. Along the spiral of metal and fire, the pods extend roots, evolving, incorporating newer technologies, becoming smarter, more interactive. Delicate ambient flames develop into propane driven pneumatics and pendulum like flowers that burst with fire and movement. LED fiddleheads emerge, the last seedpods barely cracking open, only hinting at their next stage of evolution.

Mutopia creates an environment of heat and light, inviting people to become part of its story.


Mutopia contains some of FLG's most diverse and creative flame effects. Each pod has several interactive flame effects, from 3-way poofers to kinetic propane driven elements. 
LED components add some color to the scene, along with 3 liquid fuel shooters, sending 50' colored flames into the sky.


Size: Mutopia’s footprint is 97 ft by 60 ft, and reaches up to 30 ft high.


Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas NV, 2011

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2011 (partial installation)

Nocturnal, San Bernadino CA, 2010 (partial installation)

 Burning Man, NV, 2008