NOETICA is an installation inspired by the interconnectedness of all humans in society through pattern and movement.


Noetica is composed of two stainless kinetic structures made of 144 intersecting squares. 
Although it looks like a pile of cubes, each sculpture moves with surprisingly sinuous motion. The sculpture is activated by humans moving the smaller structure; hydraulic linkages translate that movement to the larger structure, activating fire as a result of the motion.


Noetica's main effect is its hydraulic participant activated movement. 
4 "poofer" type flame effects enhance the movement.



Module 1: 8' x 8' x 8' 

Module 2: 15' x 15' x 25' 

Power: 220v 3 phase 


In the Red 2017, San Francisco, CA  (controller only)
Burning Man 2017, Black Rock City. NV
Precompression 2017, NIMBY, Oakland, CA  (controller only)