Serenity : Burning Man 2019

We're so pleased to be building a new sculpture for Burning Man, 2019. 

Playful, joyful, fiery, and full of light, Serenity is a classic Flaming Lotus Girls sculpture, creating an inclusive and engaging space.


There was something risky about capturing the brilliant glowing bugs in the jar that we pulled out of the ancient radioactive site, but it didn’t stop us. Little did we know that the combination of bioluminescence and the old jar would catalyze a dramatic metamorphosis.
Like Alice and her biscuits, the fireflies and the jar began to grow at a startling rate.
The expansion ceased when the jar shattered, the pieces settling to the ground and turning opaque, the magic diminished. There must have been some alchemical residue; other fireflies, summoned by the tremendous glow of their oversized brethren, approached and grew larger, though not nearly so big as the ones we’d tried to contain.
The three giant fireflies perched on the remains of the jar, but rather than seeming monstrous, their glowing beckoned us closer. Cross-species communication is often tricky, but there was an easy comfort with these creatures that was unusual but welcome.


A large broken jar supports three beautiful giant fireflies, featuring interactive fire and LED elements at night, and providing an interesting destination during the day. The pieces of the jar contain seating, and glow during the night. 

Around the jar are smaller fireflies and benches, providing a welcoming destination. A fire pit in the middle of the space makes for a nice place to hang out, roast a marshmellow, and enjoy the scene. 

Serenity evokes joyful and magical space, complete with an ambient soundscape. You'll see it from afar, and enjoy it the entire way. 


Each giant firefly contains a unique variety of participant-activated flame effects, with up to 24 buttons for people to push.
LED illuminated fireflies surround the site, flickering glows in the sky, while an interactive soundscape creates an immersive environment. 
Wood burning fire pit, custom cut from one of our beloved propane tanks, centers the installation.


Serenity is composed of modular components, able to create a 50' diameter space or show individually, adaptable to space and scope. 


proposed: Burning Man 2019, Black Rock City, NV