A sculpture of destruction and rebrith.
And giant mushrooms.


Xylophage is a dreamscape of the remnants of a giant tree. The stump of the tree becomes a cozy room with benches, ringed with flames. Surrounding the stump, gargantuan mushrooms have taken root, light and flames creating a warm, fun space for gathering and playing.


The giant fire mushrooms of Xylophage boast 24 poofer effects, each controlled by participants.



Xylophage has 6 separate components- 

  • Big stumpy, 18' tall, 18' wide 

  • Fire Mushrooms, 2 mushrooms, 16' wide caps, 15' tall 

  • LED mushrooms, 2 mushrooms, 6' wide caps, 12' tall

  • Sound mushroom, 6' wide cap, 14' tall


Burning Man 2013, Black Rock City, NV

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